The Boys in Black and Purple

we’ve lived   we’ve died we’ve been in between * we’ve seen where we’ve been where we’re going we’ve heard the Word now we sing it  * we’ve tasted Truth and we love it we’ve touched Infinity now we are it ***** 26 senses only present tenses we’re dropping pretences for a liberation game * angelic […]

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The secrets of Kings 14:24

Everybody knows about Leviticus 18:22, yawn yawn, the ridiculous arguments continue to rattle on in some quarters.  But there is a much more interesting passage in the Book of Kings that we rarely hear about, and it tells us rather more about homosexuality in the ancient world. Kings Chapter 14: 22Judah did evil in the […]

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AMMA mother of bliss

Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi Devi) The Mother of Immortal Bliss tells it like it is Is God a Man or a Woman ? The answer to this question is neither—- God is That. But if you must give God a gender, God is more female than male, for he is contained in She. The Divine is […]

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The Libra New Moon on October 1st was the point where Nature completed the gear shift from Summer to Autumn that began at the Equinox on September 23rd when the Sun entered the sign of the scales, bringing energy of balance as we move into the darker half of the year.  This period of balancing […]


Queer is a Spiritual Calling

iu IN THE ANCIENT TEMPLES OF ISHTAR, that stretched across the lands of Mesopotamia, which we nowadays call Iraq, Kuwait, Syria and the border lands of Turkey and Iran, from at least 10000 BC, the Goddess, often known as Ishtar, was served by transgendered priest/priestesses. They were called ASSINNU, KURGARRU, KULU’U, and the worship of […]

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Written in the Stars

The journey of life is written in the stars As Above So Below The pathway to wisdom is there for all to see The choice to see it or not… is ours.   The starting point is Oneness, that’s why astrology works… At the moment humanity’s got life inside out The belief in separation seeds […]

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