The Emotional Waters of Life

THE EMOTIONAL PLANE OF REALITY IS AS VAST AND MYSTERIOUS AS THE PHYSICAL. The elemental model of our human nature teaches us to give attention to, and to seek balance between, four aspects of our being. The four elements ‘manifest’ in us as body (earth), mind (air), spirit (fire) and emotion (water). We live in […]

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The idea that male and female are two distinct and separate genders, into one or other of which everybody is supposed to fit, is a very modern, patriarchal model that, although now widely spread through the world, has no basis or grounding in history, or in biological nor spiritual fact. It is high time we […]


Everything Changes: LIGHTWORK

  EVERYTHING CHANGES when you ACCEPT you are a Soul not a body EVERYTHING CHANGES when the fear inside turns to Love EVERYTHING CHANGES when you ATTUNE to the MUSIC of CREATION the Divine the Singer, the Universe the Stage and Us the Song.   Politics, Scandal, Economics and Crime Keep most of the world […]

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Between adult Humans, three kinds of erotic love are possible love of woman and woman love of man and man love of woman and man . these forms of love all deserve equal respect and honour all deserve room to grow and thrive in a balanced world all forms of love will be seen to […]


The Great Maypole of London

“Depriv’d of Root, and Branch, and Rind, Yet Flow’rs I bear of ev’ry Kind: My Head, with Giddiness, goes round; And yet I firmly stand my Ground: All over naked I am seen, and Painted like and Indian Queen.” (Jonathon Swift, ‘The Maypole‘) The British quite naturally come in for plenty of criticism for the […]

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