God in the Body

A few reminders from mystical ancestors that it is in the body that holiness happens: MICHAELANGELO (1475-1564) “Earth is the meagre source of all that we can know while still fleshbound. To those who see in the right way it gives most copiously…”   “All that we have of wisdom and of faith Derives from […]

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World AIDS Day

 In the early 1980s sex suddenly became scary – the sexual revolution that began in the 1960s took a very dark turn. At first known as Gay Cancer or GRID (gay-related-immune-defiency), the world eventually settled on HIV and AIDS as the terms for this deadly manifestation. A brief decade of sexual ‘innocence’, where play was plentiful […]

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On the Path

For the first time in human history the teachings of all the religions, magical paths and spiritual practices of humankind are available to us to study and experience. As the planet shakes in ecological, economic and existential crises, there has never been a more urgent or rewarding time to dive in and discover what life […]

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Rainbow Rising

Spiritual liberation is the missing element in the modern journey of LGBTIQ+ people around the world. Coming out about our sexuality or gender identity results from our need to be true to ourselves, we listen to our souls and from the soul comes the courage to be who we are. The same principle applies to […]

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Victory to Venus!

The Goddess played a central role in religious life of Europe and the Middle East for thousand of years until the rise of Christianity and Islam. Even during the patriarchal Greek and Roman eras the Goddess was still held in the highest of esteem. Worship of the Great Mother Cybele was the official religion of […]

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The Autumn Goddess

The New Moon in Libra kicks off the first moon month of Autumn, it is the point at which Nature completes the equinoctial gear shift out of Summer that began when the Sun entered the sign of the scales, bringing energy of balance as we move into the darker half of the year.  This period […]

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