ALL OVER PLANET EARTH PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP TO THE NATURAL WAY OF THE SOUL IN CONNECTION WITH NATURE, SPIRIT AND THE MOTHER DIVINE.   All over the world people are feeling drawn to explore shamanic traditions that engage the spirit world, honour the sanctity and unity of life, that bring balance, healing and community through […]

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You Are The Universe

  Hindu ‘Chandogya Upanishad’ c 1000BCE: In the beginning was only Being One without a second Out of himself he brought forth the cosmos And entered into everything in it. There is nothing that did not come from him Of everything he is the innermost Self. He is the truth, he is the Self supreme […]

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Mine Eyes have seen the Glory of the Coming of the Lord My Heart has felt the Bliss of the Return of Mother Divine My Body knows the Light of the Self in Ecstasy My Mind has found these things are found through Simplicity so can anybody tell me o why can’t humanity open their […]

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The second decade of the 21st century is ending with a reflective and profound line up of cosmic energies. Winter Solstice moment occurs at 4:20am on Sunday 22nd December (guess for some that’s all I need to say :-)) – at that time the Sun enters Capricorn (joining the gang of the solar system’s big […]

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God in the Body

A few reminders from mystical ancestors that it is in the body that holiness happens: MICHAELANGELO (1475-1564) “Earth is the meagre source of all that we can know while still fleshbound. To those who see in the right way it gives most copiously…”   “All that we have of wisdom and of faith Derives from […]

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World AIDS Day

 In the early 1980s sex suddenly became scary – the sexual revolution that began in the 1960s took a very dark turn. At first known as Gay Cancer or GRID (gay-related-immune-defiency), the world eventually settled on HIV and AIDS as the terms for this deadly manifestation. A brief decade of sexual ‘innocence’, where play was plentiful […]

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On the Path

For the first time in human history the teachings of all the religions, magical paths and spiritual practices of humankind are available to us to study and experience. As the planet shakes in ecological, economic and existential crises, there has never been a more urgent or rewarding time to dive in and discover what life […]

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