We All Come from the Goddess

Pleasure is a Goddess The Ancients knew Pleasure dissolves the boundaries Between Me and You . We All Come from the Goddess Every Body has her nipples Every Soul loves pleasure, joy and laughter the rituals of her presence. . The body is Her holy temple as is the Earth and all its creatures as […]

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Queer History

When we look at the past it is always through a coloured lens. Historians have always tended to reflect the values of the ruling elite of the time and record history from that viewpoint. Translators of ancient texts have always hidden things in order to not offend the currently dominating, acceptable morality of the time. […]

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2020 We Need Ecstasy

Stillness Ecstasy: two ways to expand the inner cosmos and feel the helping hands of love beyond the mortal sphere – as challenging times pressurise our minds, this presence can help us release fear. . Meditation builds mental muscle so we can see right through the mental bustle to where inner peace resides. Joyful ecstatic […]

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  On the Spiritual Gay Men Group on Facebook somebody asked a simple question: CAN SEX BE SPIRITUAL? It’s turning out to be our most engaging post yet, with over a hundred comments, and over 90% of the men speaking up are absolutely sure it either is or can be….. ‘100% sex IS one of […]


Desire, Disease and Death

DESIRE, DISEASE AND DEATH are part of the DIVINE CREATION PLAN We have to learn to embrace them to become the DIVINE HUMAN . Desire was once a Goddess honoured as Aphrodite, Diana, Venus… Desire was also a God symbolised in the ithyphalllic penis. This was because in the days before the Cross people knew […]

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Men on Men

Men have always enjoyed erotic encounters with men on heaths, in woods, on beaches, in parks, cottages, saunas and secret sex dens this has been going on since humans walked the earth – communing with Pan, Eros, Priapus, Dionysus, we recall we came seeking ecstasy, union, bliss when we chose to undertake birth into human […]

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We Are the Old Ones

Human beings how lucky we are to be on this earth around this star in a solar system divinely designed to keep us blind to the rest of the cosmos and life on other worlds – until we are ready to accept what’s there to find; designed to keep us blind, as we evolve the […]

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The Universe Is. Created by Oneness. Oneness becomes All That Is It becomes spirit, soul, mind, life. Oneness incarnates in individual living beings each having their own experience, each experience also that of the Oneness.   On most worlds beings never lose touch with the Oneness, with the Source Of Life, Awareness and Love inside […]

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The 7 Headed Beast

Ever growing numbers of people in the world are understanding and feeling that life is a unity: a cosmic dance of matter, mind, emotion and spirit, a journey of the soul with divinity the goal… …but they don’t work in the governments and they don’t work in the media, they don’t work in business … […]

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  Sex is an act of worship Love is a game of mirrors… The ultimate destiny is union Of the genders we find within us. When we see ‘other’ We engage fear and distance To see all as ‘sisterbrother’ Is to lose our own resistance. The way to becoming one united conscious species, Involves dissolving […]

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The Emotional Waters of Life

THE EMOTIONAL PLANE OF REALITY IS AS VAST AND MYSTERIOUS AS THE PHYSICAL. The elemental model of our human nature teaches us to give attention to, and to seek balance between, four aspects of our being. The four elements ‘manifest’ in us as body (earth), mind (air), spirit (fire) and emotion (water). We live in […]

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The idea that male and female are two distinct and separate genders, into one or other of which everybody is supposed to fit, is a very modern, patriarchal model that, although now widely spread through the world, has no basis or grounding in history, or in biological nor spiritual fact. It is high time we […]


Everything Changes: LIGHTWORK

  EVERYTHING CHANGES when you ACCEPT you are a Soul not a body EVERYTHING CHANGES when the fear inside turns to Love EVERYTHING CHANGES when you ATTUNE to the MUSIC of CREATION the Divine the Singer, the Universe the Stage and Us the Song.   Politics, Scandal, Economics and Crime Keep most of the world […]

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Between adult Humans, three kinds of erotic love are possible love of woman and woman love of man and man love of woman and man . these forms of love all deserve equal respect and honour all deserve room to grow and thrive in a balanced world all forms of love will be seen to […]


The Great Maypole of London

“Depriv’d of Root, and Branch, and Rind, Yet Flow’rs I bear of ev’ry Kind: My Head, with Giddiness, goes round; And yet I firmly stand my Ground: All over naked I am seen, and Painted like and Indian Queen.” (Jonathon Swift, ‘The Maypole‘) The British quite naturally come in for plenty of criticism for the […]

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ALL OVER PLANET EARTH PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP TO THE NATURAL WAY OF THE SOUL IN CONNECTION WITH NATURE, SPIRIT AND THE MOTHER DIVINE.   All over the world people are feeling drawn to explore shamanic traditions that engage the spirit world, honour the sanctity and unity of life, that bring balance, healing and community through […]

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You Are The Universe

  Hindu ‘Chandogya Upanishad’ c 1000BCE: In the beginning was only Being One without a second Out of himself he brought forth the cosmos And entered into everything in it. There is nothing that did not come from him Of everything he is the innermost Self. He is the truth, he is the Self supreme […]

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Mine Eyes have seen the Glory of the Coming of the Lord My Heart has felt the Bliss of the Return of Mother Divine My Body knows the Light of the Self in Ecstasy My Mind has found these things are found through Simplicity so can anybody tell me o why can’t humanity open their […]

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The second decade of the 21st century is ending with a reflective and profound line up of cosmic energies. Winter Solstice moment occurs at 4:20am on Sunday 22nd December (guess for some that’s all I need to say :-)) – at that time the Sun enters Capricorn (joining the gang of the solar system’s big […]

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God in the Body

A few reminders from mystical ancestors that it is in the body that holiness happens: MICHAELANGELO (1475-1564) “Earth is the meagre source of all that we can know while still fleshbound. To those who see in the right way it gives most copiously…”   “All that we have of wisdom and of faith Derives from […]

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World AIDS Day

 In the early 1980s sex suddenly became scary – the sexual revolution that began in the 1960s took a very dark turn. At first known as Gay Cancer or GRID (gay-related-immune-defiency), the world eventually settled on HIV and AIDS as the terms for this deadly manifestation. A brief decade of sexual ‘innocence’, where play was plentiful […]

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On the Path

For the first time in human history the teachings of all the religions, magical paths and spiritual practices of humankind are available to us to study and experience. As the planet shakes in ecological, economic and existential crises, there has never been a more urgent or rewarding time to dive in and discover what life […]

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Rainbow Rising

Spiritual liberation is the missing element in the modern journey of LGBTIQ+ people around the world. Coming out about our sexuality or gender identity results from our need to be true to ourselves, we listen to our souls and from the soul comes the courage to be who we are. The same principle applies to […]

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Victory to Venus!

The Goddess played a central role in religious life of Europe and the Middle East for thousand of years until the rise of Christianity and Islam. Even during the patriarchal Greek and Roman eras the Goddess was still held in the highest of esteem. Worship of the Great Mother Cybele was the official religion of […]

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The Autumn Goddess

The New Moon in Libra kicks off the first moon month of Autumn, it is the point at which Nature completes the equinoctial gear shift out of Summer that began when the Sun entered the sign of the scales, bringing energy of balance as we move into the darker half of the year.  This period […]

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Autumn Equinox

Sun rises due east and sets due west day and night at equal length ~ balance as the season turns ~ from summer’s fire to autumn’s water spirit from Mercury ruled Virgo to Venus month Libra. . Equinox calling us to shift the centre out of mind into heart resting, releasing, expressing through art, make […]

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When the Goddess Returns

WHEN THE GODDESS RETURNS people will fall to their knees begging forgiveness for all our destructive deeds. – Isis- Humanity forgot how to love the Earth as Mother forgot how to treat all living things as sister and brother. We take our Mother’s blood in the form of oil we pollute and abuse her air, […]

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The Many Names of Queer

Some people like to claim there was no homosexual identity until the word was invented in the nineteenth century, yet this is a very limited way of thinking. Historians have certainly shown the emergence of a queer subculture in the form of molly houses in the 18th century, that grew out of the thriving theatre […]

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The Soul is Trans

In a small town pub in Suffolk I spoke to a lad about the inner feminine – he took great offence to the idea that he might have a feminine part to himself, almost to the point of aggression. What in heaven’s name are they teaching kids at school? The Soul is Trans, we manifest […]

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Holy Queer Spirit

At certain times and in many places on planet earth, those people who bore both female and male spirit in one body, because they were rare and different, were regarded as holy beings. At certain times and in many places sexual union between people of the same visible gender, because it was only practised by […]

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Queer Spirit(ualists) with Attitude!

Attitude magazine this month has a colourful, somewhat teasing and intriguing, feature about some of the team behind this summer’s Queer Spirit Festival.  The piece is appropriately enough entitled ‘Free Spirits’, making the point that here are queers finding our spiritual expression outside of formal religion. For some reason however the front page headline they […]

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