I was diagnosed HIV+ 25 years ago in September 1990. I had full blown AIDS from 1995-8, my CD4 count dropping to 3 and almost dying from PCP and KS lesions that spread into my lungs and throat. I responded to approaching death by diving deeply into a search for a purpose to life, soon […]

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Female Mystics of Albion

The British Isles have given birth to female mystical voices for at least 1400 years… here are some i have come to love and respect so far… starting withTHREE from the seventh century AD through to Doreen Valiente and Kate Bush in the 20th.  Their stories and voices deserve to be heard, their messages are […]

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The Rainbow People

The Rainbow has seven colours that merge and dissolve into each other.  Rainbow Consciousness sees all humans as part of the rich and diverse, colourful and creative manifestation of Spirit on planet Earth.  We live at the time of destiny – as expanded networks of information and communication make the world one, long established institutions […]

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one under the rainbow

‘God placed the rainbow in the sky as a sign that all shall be well’ the calling is to know ourselves to become one united, diverse, divine humanity the work to unify starts with the individual the rainbow represents wholeness, holiness, freedom and JOY the colourfilled new age of humanity the step into Aquarian consciousness […]

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