Queer is a Spiritual Calling

iu IN THE ANCIENT TEMPLES OF ISHTAR, that stretched across the lands of Mesopotamia, which we nowadays call Iraq, Kuwait, Syria and the border lands of Turkey and Iran, from at least 10000 BC, the Goddess, often known as Ishtar, was served by transgendered priest/priestesses. They were called ASSINNU, KURGARRU, KULU’U, and the worship of […]

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Written in the Stars

The journey of life is written in the stars As Above So Below The pathway to wisdom is there for all to see The choice to see it or not… is ours.   The starting point is Oneness, that’s why astrology works… At the moment humanity’s got life inside out The belief in separation seeds […]

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QUEER SPIRIT: the next step

The expansion of LGBTQ life into the spiritual dimensions could be the catalyst for our emergence as a GLOBAL FORCE, a tribe of lovers, radicals, healers, artists… of agents of change bringing about a more accepting, open-minded, heart-centred world.  This summer for 5 days in Wiltshire a few hundred queers who are exploring and celebrating […]

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The Beasts that lead Britain

The British nation has been led by Horses, Dragons, Oxen, a Dog, Rabbit and a Goat in the last 70 years.  O yes, one of those Horses was a Unicorn.   It’s the 2017 surprise general election, which pits PM Theresa May, a Monkey, against the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who is an Ox (as […]

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  THE RAINBOW IS THE SYMBOL OF ALL PEOPLE BECOMING ONE, IT UNITES ALL FAITHS AS A BEACON OF UNITY AND PEACE.  THE RAINBOW PEOPLE ARE THE PEACE BRINGERS.  From ancient symbols of spirit .. the pentagram, the yin-yang, the om… to religious icons of the great faiths.. and modern images of peace and world […]