Victory to Venus!

The Goddess played a central role in religious life of Europe and the Middle East for thousand of years until the rise of Christianity and Islam. Even during the patriarchal Greek and Roman eras the Goddess was still held in the highest of esteem. Worship of the Great Mother Cybele was the official religion of […]

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The Autumn Goddess

The New Moon in Libra kicks off the first moon month of Autumn, it is the point at which Nature completes the equinoctial gear shift out of Summer that began when the Sun entered the sign of the scales, bringing energy of balance as we move into the darker half of the year.  This period […]

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Autumn Equinox

Sun rises due east and sets due west day and night at equal length ~ balance as the season turns ~ from summer’s fire to autumn’s water spirit from Mercury ruled Virgo to Venus month Libra. . Equinox calling us to shift the centre out of mind into heart resting, releasing, expressing through art, make […]

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When the Goddess Returns

WHEN THE GODDESS RETURNS people will fall to their knees begging forgiveness for all our destructive deeds. – Isis- Humanity forgot how to love the Earth as Mother forgot how to treat all living things as sister and brother. We take our Mother’s blood in the form of oil we pollute and abuse her air, […]

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The Many Names of Queer

Some people like to claim there was no homosexual identity until the word was invented in the nineteenth century, yet this is a very limited way of thinking. Historians have certainly shown the emergence of a queer subculture in the form of molly houses in the 18th century, that grew out of the thriving theatre […]

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