Cybele, Attis and the Gallae

Magna Mater to the Romans, crazy Goddess to Greeks, beloved Mother Cybele to the common folk, the queers, outcasts and rebels. Worshipped from 600BC in Greece, 200 BC in Rome and then across northern Africa, southern Europe and up as far north as Britain for 700 years, her priest/esses were known as the Gallae… “They […]

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We are told that GOD is LOVE and how delightfully simple that is… for we know that LOVE is not a person, LOVE is a PRESENCE that we experience within ourselves that we experience with others one on one, or one with many. So to know GOD, we should explore LOVE love beyond fear, beyond […]

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Awakening the Joy-Body

Joy is a natural vibration that permeates life Along with love, will, desire and need. Joy opens the gates to connection without fear Joy has no shadow Joy is the soul at ease we can find it how we please From Two Flutes Playing by Andrew Ramer: “There is a primal force, the Creator of […]

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Calling all Queers!

“We look forward to creating a genuine Gay culture, one that is free from exploitation by bars, baths, and gay business owners. We look forward to re-establishing women’s mysteries and men’s mysteries as the highest expression of collective Gay culture and sexuality. We look forward to regaining our ancient historical roles as medicine people, healers, […]

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